Puff and Petals Restaurant and Lounge: A Tropical Barbie Dream House

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Puff and Petals Restaurant and Lounge: A Tropical Barbie Dream House

Puff and Petals is nothing short of a tropical Barbie Dream House with a heavy dose of pink wallpaper splashed with green leaves, a bar surrounded by gold accents and a ceiling topped with upscale chandeliers. While the seriously small Barbie wonderland may appeal more to a female audience, it does have an admirably sweet and inviting feel for both males and females.
Overall Puff and Petals is a cozy southern restaurant with a Cajun twist that Is sure to have you coming back more than once. Between the ambiance, drink selection, and of course, the food, Puff and Petals has something interesting that you don’t see in a lot of restaurants... its own unique character.  With a creative presentation from the cocktail menu to the exotic signature dishes, we were thoroughly surprised at the attention to detail the restaurant had to offer. What we liked most about Puff and Petals:
  1. Decor
    1. There is something effortlessly glamorous about the pairing of pink walls and earthy tropical prints. Not only does Puff and Petals have a theme to offer, but it sticks with the romantic feminist theme all the way through. The overwhelming amount of pink makes a bold statement and gives this restaurant a surprisingly calm feeling.
  2. Ambiance
    1. Once settled at the bar, we were able to appreciate the ambiance Puff and Petals had to offer. Our ears were graced with smooth music and a low chatter of guests enjoying themselves around us. The chandelier lighting provided us with a sophisticated low light that created the perfect picture of relaxation. This restaurant is great for a sensual date night or a classy girls’ night out.
  3. Drinks
    1. The waitress can make a DRINK DRINK. We got a glass of Rosatello Moscato (perfect if you like sweet wine) and a Southern Gentlemen with Hennessy (gin/vodka/Hennessy): Hennessy, strawberry shrub, sugar, lemon juice, and rose petals on top. Not only was the Southern Gentlemen worth the $14 price tag, but it was strong and once again added to the Puffs and Petals theme
  4. Food
    1. This is what the review is all about, THE FOOD! With an array of interesting dishes to choose from, we settled on two choices:
      1. The Country Fried Lobster ($18): 8 oz Maine lobster tail battered and deep fried served over creamy cheese grits topped with old bay butter sauce.
      2. Loaded Petals ($15): House made chips, chicken, shrimp, jalapenos, cheddar cheese, cilantro, and sour cream drizzled with sriracha.  
The country fried lobster with grits was delightful. Between the perfect crisp that surrounded the 8 oz lobster tail and the sea of creamy cheese grits that lie under, it was a gorgeously prepared dish. What I can say is, the chef could have gone a little lighter on the salt in the grits. I could have had a heart attack at the bar from the instant high blood pressure I acquired from one spoon full of grits. Though it would have been a satisfying last trip as I lie on the floor pondering my demise, I would have rather left the restaurant with my life intact and belly full. LESS SALT PLEASE.
Our second dish, Loaded Petals, was also very enjoyable. It wasn’t actually loaded with meat, but it was loaded with lots of cheese and once again lots of SALT. (I don’t know, maybe the chef works for Kosher because he was very generous when it came to the salt on both dishes.) Overall, the mountain of chips, cheese, shrimp, chicken, sour cream, sriracha, and jalapenos merged together to make a rewarding blend of flavors!
As charming as Puff and Petals is, it didn’t go without having its
  1. Parking
    1. Parking at this location is $10 for an hour and $20 for two hours. I’m sure you could find cheaper parking further away, but If you’d walk straight across the street, you’re forced to pay a steep fee for such a short amount of time. When we visited Puff and Petals, it was raining, and we weren’t willing to walk.
  2. Space
    1. When we first walked in, we were met with a more than INTIMATE atmosphere. CRAMPED IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT and barbie dream house is no exaggeration. From the door, you see the security, the host, every customer in the establishment, the bar and all the waiters and waitresses. Can you say OVERWHELMING? The security is standing at the door to check I. D’s because it’s a 21 and UP establishment. Without even taking a step, the host is to your left, and two steps behind the host is a row of booths where the big party guests are seated. Because the restaurant is so cramped, there aren’t many booths, and your only other choice is to sit in the middle of the room at a high-top table or sit in the front of the room at the bar. We chose the bar which was much better than sitting the middle of the room, but also awkward because the waiters and waitresses stood at the bar the whole night because of the lack of space in this establishment.
  3. Customer Service
    1. Customer Service could definitely be improved. As we walked up to the door, we were greeted through the glass by an overbearing security guard. I wasn’t sure if we were walking up to a restaurant or to a bar in the middle of Cleveland Avenue. He peered down at us through the glass and we stared at him through the rain, not sure if we should go in or wait for him to invite us in. Once we got inside, we were greeted by a host who should have auditioned for a dry eye commercial instead of greeting customers because that’s how dry his greeting was. After he announced that we could seat ourselves in the middle of the room or at the bar, we showed ourselves to the bar where we were greeted by an even more unenthusiastic bartender, who served us all night.
Sweet southern charm, pink and petals are just a few attributes to describe the charismatic atmosphere of Puff and Petals. Even with the lack of space and the surplus of salt, we would definitely visit Puff and Petals again. It was not only fascinating but admirable as you experience a feminist’s vision of girl power come to life in the form of a southern comfort wonderland with well thought out drinks and a detailed menu. On a scale of 1 to 10, we would rate Puff and Petals a strong 7.



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