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You are scrolling through our site, and you’re wondering if you should get BUNDLES or a wig. Yes, we will have a separate article that will cover the benefits of wigs, but this article is strictly focused on bundles. A bundle, or 1 piece of hair bundled together, is great for many things and depending on the reason for your hair purchase, will help you decide between purchasing a wig or a set of bundles.   VU-VU-VOLUME Have you ever purchased a wig and been disappointed because of the volume? Maybe your wig is too thin, or maybe it just...

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Most of us have heard that using OIL on your hair extensions IS BAD. If you haven’t heard the speculation, it’s said that using oil on your hair weighs it down. It becomes greasy, oily and stiffer than a cardboard box. And if you’ve ever seen stiff weave or stiff natural hair…then you KNOW. But the whole point of us wearing hair extensions is to have thicker, fuller, and effortlessly bouncy hair, so we AVOID OIL AT ALL COSTS. We are here to tell you that this outdated notion is a MYTH. Now, we aren’t telling you to go and...

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