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B is for BUNDLES

You are scrolling through our site, and you’re wondering if you should get BUNDLES or a wig. Yes, we will have a separate article that will cover the benefits of wigs, but this article is strictly focused on bundles.

A bundle, or 1 piece of hair bundled together, is great for many things and depending on the reason for your hair purchase, will help you decide between purchasing a wig or a set of bundles.



Have you ever purchased a wig and been disappointed because of the volume? Maybe your wig is too thin, or maybe it just does not have enough volume when you curl it. Purchasing bundles will immediately solve this problem, especially for my gworls who love long hair.   

Try purchasing your bundles in different lengths. Instead of getting 3 26-inch bundles, opt for a 26-inch, 28-inch, 30-inch combo. If you like your hair thick and full, purchase an extra 30-inch. Buying bundles in different lengths will give you a quick layering effect that will instantly give you body and volume.

If you like short lengths, try one 12-inch and one 14-inch and pair it with a 10-inch closure or frontal. This will give you such a full and sexy look and if you install your own hair, you won’t have to be a barber to get the layered look you’re trying to achieve.



Not only will bundles help you save yourself from cutting up your wigs, but you can immediately re-use your bundles after a sew-in and get them made into a wig.

Saving money? Count us in.

The biggest life hack to looking good, is saving money while doing so and unlike wigs that only offer you the option to wear it one way, bundles allow you to switch up your look a couple of different times before committing yourself to paying someone to make you a custom wig. Yes, the custom wig is an extra purchase down the line but paying $150-$300 is way cheaper than buying another $500-$1200 wig a month after you’ve purchased one.



The benefits of turning your bundles into a custom wig are endless because a custom wig will fit your head perfectly. If you’re not new to the wig game, then you know, it gets annoying buying a pre-made wig and having extra room in the cap. Not only does this cause unnecessary bulking in your install, but it feels uncomfortable. There’s nothing worse than feeling like your wig is about to fall off your head the moment you do any type of vigorous activity.

IF you’re looking for a good wig maker, then there’s a couple of things you should look out for.

Did your wig maker ask you for your measurements or head size?

If you’re purchasing a custom wig, your wig maker should be measuring your head size. There are small, medium, large and extra-large wig heads, and it ABSOLUTELY matters which one they use. A good wig maker will have multiple size wig heads and will either measure your head for you or give you a step by step of how to measure your own head size so that you can send them the measurements. If you ask your wig maker if they have multiple wig head sizes, and they say no, keep shopping around. 9 times out of 10, they are a beginner or will not make you a custom wig that will fit your head perfectly.

Does your wig maker sew the wig together by hand or do they use a sewing machine?

What we have found is that a sewing machine makes a much sturdier wig. After all sis, if you’re going to spend your hard-earned money on a custom wig, you’re going to want to make sure it doesn’t fall apart. We’d hate for you to be at a corporate event and tracks start falling on the floor leaving a trail for everyone to see.

Now, we are not saying that a hand sewn wig won’t be a good purchase, but for extra security, a machine sewn wig is the safer option.

Does your wig maker use a band?

Using a band is not mandatory, but glue-less wigs are in and unless you like to use the glue method only, a band will automatically make your life easier. A band will help keep your wig secure and tight and ensure that security that you crave from your extensions.



Okay, so maybe you’re the gworl who doesn’t like wigs. You’ve read up to this point and you haven’t related to a thing we’ve said. You’ve tried wigs and it isn’t your wave or maybe you’ve never tried wigs and you don’t feel ready to try them any time soon.

That’s fine! We got you.

Let’s not leave out leave out.

Sometimes, you just want your edges to breathe. You’re sick of itchy edges from your closure or frontal and you just want the length without having to sacrifice your hairline.

A traditional sew in is the perfect way to add length, still grow your hair with protective styling, and give your edges a B-R-E-A-K. You can sew in bundles in the back and leave the top of your natural hair out without damaging your hair from heat damage.

October to March is the perfect time of year to give your edges a break with a traditional sew in. That is, if you live somewhere that has four seasons. If not, GET OUT NOW. Why? Because our 4C curly natural hair does not blow up into a poufy mess in the winter. This means less flat ironing aka less of a chance for heat damage. Unfortunately, your African American hair loves the cold.  

Stay tuned for H. H is for heat damage and we will give you all the tips and tricks to maintain your traditional sew-in without breaking off your natural hair.  



We love a hairstyle that is SECURE. Whether you’re swimming in the pool, dancing your ass off in the club, putting the paws on somebody or having fun with your boyfriend on a crazy wild vacation, a sew-in will always be more secure than a wig.



The main reason for wearing hair extensions is to add length, thickness and to promote natural hair GROWTH. For your natural hair to grow, your hair needs air, cleanliness, and moisturizer.

Yes, sew-ins do tug on your hair from the constant brushing, but wigs can pull out your edges, so pick your poison and pick which better suits your lifestyle. Like humans, no method is 100% flawless, but with proper hair care, you will have MINIMAL damage.

Because a sew-in keeps your tracks exposed, your hair can breathe. It is also easier to apply essential oils (see A is for Argan Oil for more information) to keep your natural hair nice and moisturized, and easier to wash because you can get to the braids beneath the tracks.

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