Transparent Mink Deep Wavy Lace Frontal

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So Icey's Transparent Mink Deep Wavy Frontal is imported from Thailand. Blends well with Mink Deep Wavy and Mink Premium Deep Wavy. Our Transparent Lace Frontals provide a super thin lace that matches with any skin tone, unlike brown lace. Because the lace of our transparent lace frontals are clear instead of brown, bleaching is OPTIONAL. Opting for a lace tint spray to match your skin tone is always recommended.

So Icey's Transparent Mink Deep Wavy Frontal blends with your hair effortlessly and finishes off your style with a totally undetectable parted area and hairline area. Part your hair any way you choose with ease and confidence. Show off a unique style while giving your damaged and fragile natural hair a rest or just wear it for its flawless look and easy styling.